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Spanish+TennisSpanish course plus tennis in Malaga, Spain 2017

Spanish course + tennis in Malaga Spain 2017

Learn Spanish while enjoying sport. Work your brain in the morning and your body in the afternoon! Improve your Spanish with classes in the morning and your tennis stroke with tennis instruction in the afternoon.

The tennis lessons are varied and can be added to the normal language holidays. It is a perfect opportunity for those active people who like to enjoy themselves and stay healthy while on their language holiday.

You attend language courses plus 5 tennis lessons for 55 min private tuition per week. If you prefer to add 10 tennis lessons for 45 min in a group per week, they are also available. Spanish plus tennis in Malaga

This course type is adequate for both, beginner and advanced learner.

Dates for group lessons:

26.06.16 – 07.07.16; 10.07.16 – 21.07.16; 24.07.16 – 04.08.16

Dates for private tuition: every Monday



5 lessons à 55 min private tuition per week

1 week  = 195 €

10 lessons à 45 min in a group per week

2 weeks = 180 €

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