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Spanish+ CookingSpanish course and cooking lessons in Malaga 2017

Spanish courses + MAITINA’s CUISINE
in the Instituto Andalusí

Participating in one of our cooking courses will give you the opportunity to further expand your knowledge of both Spanish language and Spanish cuisine. You will participate in creating delicious and famous dishes which form our Mediterranean diet.

The cooking course can be combined with any of the Spanish courses offered.

Study Spanish and learn how to cook Spanish dishes!


We offer Spanish course plus 8 hours of cooking classes.
4 days, 2 hours daily,from Tuesday to Friday (3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.) in the “bodega” of our school.
You will actively participate in the preparation of the dishes and taste them as soon as they are finished.
Example menu:
Day 1 Salad (Málaga style: with potatoes, oranges and stockfish), Valencia style paella
Day 2 Spanish potato omlette, bean stew (Asturian style)
Day 3 Andalusian tomato soup, ox tail (Córdoba style)
Day 4 stew (Madrid style), Cheesecake with blueberries

The course starts every Monday.

Minimum number of participants 3, maximum 12
Price per person 4 classes (8hours) 250 Euro

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