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For 50+Spanish courses for Seniors 50+ in Malaga Spain 2017

Curso de español 50+Spanish courses for 50+ in Malaga
We created this course for seniors especially those over the age of 50, who want to learn the basics of the Spanish language. Furthermore for those who want to get to know the Spanish culture with its traditions. The most of our students are 18 – 30 years old and want to learn Spanish as fast as possible for their studies.  Therefore Instituto Andalusi created this course which focuses on the needs of elder people who are interested in learning Spanish for real conversations (for example eating in a restaurant). The lessons concentrate on the grammar, important vocabulary to understand the Spanish language and culture. The course programme consists of: interviews, role plays, watching movies, listening to music, activities outside of school.

Why to do the Club 50+ in Malaga:
To do the Club 50+ in Malaga is the best choice, because you can connect your stay in the school with vacation. It is a nice experience to visit the city with its monuments and the streets filled with little shops.
Furthermore you can taste the typical Spanish tapas. Malaga invites you to get to know a Spanish city which has not suffered from the tourism like many others. Plaza de la Merced Malaga

Course Description
The course starts on Monday at 9:30 (at the indicated dates), except the first Monday due to the level test which takes place at 8:30. The classes have a high communicative manner with grammar, vocabulary and real conversations (going shopping, ordering in a restaurant, travelling, expressions of taste and preferences).

- Monday to Friday from 9.30h - 13.55h
(break 11.25h 12.00h)
- First Monday, class start at 8.30h with the level test.
- On the afternoons activities takes place.
- One excursion on the week-end.

Duration of the program: 2 weeks

Number of lessons: 40 lessons (20 lessons per week) + 20 hours of activities and excursions.



1st Week
Monday: 15.30h - 18.30h
Orientation in Malaga.
Tuesday: 16.30h - 18.30h
Visit of the Alcazaba.
Wednesday: 16.30h - 18.30h
Visit of the Picasso Museum
Thursday: 14.00h
Cooking classes: Paella
Friday: 14.00h
Movie at school (for example one of Almodovar’s, a famous Spanish director) with a short introduction about the movie and the director. The movie will be watched with a short break, so that you can ask questions.

2nd Week
Monday: 16:30h - 18.30h
Visit of an exhibition in Malaga
Tuesday: 16.30h - 18.30h
Visit of the Cathedral and other churches in Malaga.
Wednesday: 16.30h - 18.30h
Visit of the castle Gibralfaro.
Thursday: 14.00h
Cooking classes: Gazpacho
Friday: 21.00h - 23.00h
Tapas Tour

Courses for the club 50+ start:
16.01.; 13.02.; 13.03.; 24.04.; 15.05.; 05.06.; 25.09.; 23.10.; 13.11.

Price of the course: 620 € + the reserved accommodation + transfer (not obligatory).

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